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On Demand Cloud Software to Rebuild, Repair, Service, & Sell On-line

Actionrev is internet based software designed to improve your repair or service shop.
It is web based CMMS and CRMS software designed to handle estimates, work orders, and invoicing from any location.


Actionrev Features

Actionrev is the highest ranked workflow solution in the industry!! Actionrev was created to facilitate your companies growth, whether it be a multi-location or a business to business solution. Our concentration centers on what you need most. Here’s an overview of our solutions:

ActionRev Flowchart
The purpose of this flowchart is to show the overall tasks and functionality of Actionrev.
The overall function of ActionRev is to organize a manufacturing, repair and or maintenance process. This simple overview charts out the functionality of our system and can be the basis for a costing spread sheet. The modules of manufacturing, repair and or maintenance are enhanced by using a Web Site to capture date in the form of Invoices that are processed and then exported to a General Ledger.

  • Easy to use Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoicing

    • Turn Estimates into Work Orders or Invoices, only enter customer information once.
    • Easily look up old records.
    • Maintains full customer history
    • Works seamlessly with preventive maintenance – CMMS
  • Inventory

    • No limit to inventory size, Flexible Pricing, Robust Item Price Management, Tracking, Current Stock
    • User friendly features to help you search and organize your items
    • Updated industry price lists
    • Flexible item classes, categories and Groups. No SKU # needed
    • Ability to handle hundreds of thousands of items
  • Preventive Maintenance

    • PM works directly with your work orders to accumulate history
    • Minimizes data entry
    • Automatically setup service intervals and have it generate work orders
  • Rebuilds & Create Package Kits For Sale

    • Ability to track the repairs for a work order while billing it to the customer as a single line item
    • Intelligently handles inventory as OEM, Raw Core, or Exchange/Rebuild
  • Handles Multi-Location

    • When users login to a location all their tasks are associated with that location.
    • Need to change locations? Simply log out and login with the new location.
  • Hosting and Support

    • Cloud Hosting by Heroku/
    • Automatic backups on two times per day
    • Free phone support included
    • Community Enhancements instantly available
    • E-commerce site included